Machine Learning

Artificial intelligence (AI) is vital in today's era and holds enormous socio-economic potential for the EU. AI – and in particular Machine Learning (ML) – presents new opportunities to disrupt many sectors of the European economy, including healthcare and medicine, manufacturing, communication and education.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, about 70% of organizations will implement at least one form of AI technology by 2030 and AI may generate an additional US$13 trillion in economic activity by 2030, boosting global GDP by 1.2 percent each year.

The ELLIS mission is to create a diverse European network that promotes research excellence and advances breakthroughs in AI, as well as a pan-European PhD program to educate the next generation of AI researchers. ELLIS also aims to boost economic growth in Europe by leveraging AI technologies.


Sponsorships are indispensable if we are to advance the research of AI & ML. We focus on collaboration and rely on the power of cooperation in a field where disruption and change are the norm. Here at ELLIS Munich, we’re collaborating with academic partners, faculties, individual experts, and industry partners to transform new intriguing ideas into applicable technologies. We accomplish this with the help of a vast and ever-expanding network of partners and researchers.

ELLIS Munich adopts a proactive approach to cooperation, seeking for partners that share our goals and are willing to sponsor our ELLIS unit or ELLIS society.

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